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Just getting started and have a question about using the Project Designer or want to get some help narrowing down your ideas? Post your question, dream big and don’t sweat the small stuff (yet!).
What Do You WIsh You Knew?
Definitely take things step by step! Things don't have to happen all at once, so take your time when implementing your project. Also, think outside of the box if you're looking to get more funding for the project! As long as you can explain how beneficial your project will be, people will come in droves to support.
i really wish I knew how to designate people and to trust the process. Naturally, I enjoy doing things by myself, as I can hold myself accountable if something is not to my standard. However, if I tried to do the entire project by myself, the process would have been much slower. With that being said, I wish I could've learned this earlier. Also, I tried to push things as quickly as possible, so many issues arose with the speed at which we were going. I wish I knew how to slow down and trust the process before starting my project, as it would've taken a lot of stress off my back.

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