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Our Challenge Partners are investing in student ideas and empowering young people to help them solve real problems their companies — and our world — are facing. This is one AWESOME opportunity... don't let it slip by!

On October 30, 96 students from around Missouri came together for an innovation day to tackle challenges around increasing access to or participation in USDA meal programs. Teams worked with mentors including representatives from No Kid Hungry Missouri and Midwest Dairy to develop solutions through rapid prototyping and design thinking exercises. They pitched their ideas to a panel of judges at the end of the day - with the chance to walk away with a $1,000 grant to bring their big idea to life.

Check out this photo gallery of the winners, who each received $1000 from No Kid Hungry MO to bring their big ideas to life this school year! 


Kaylie gained a great deal of knowledge and momentum at the AdCap Conference in Dallas, along with the fact that she is a very determined young lady, and she will persist to see her project become a reality. Enclosed is a photo of the wood housed in our greenhouse that has been ordered, delivered, and to be used for her project. We look forward to using that this coming school year as the nature trail is finalized and the focus and momentum turns fully toward Kaylie's project. It is a win-win situation for all involved.

-Mrs Woodall, Teacher at Hubbard ISD AdCap Adult Supporter/Adviser

Kaylie shared with us, “My project is doing great so far. We have the base built, and I am measuring the bottom and working on getting the rest of the roof built. We have ordered wood and are planning on building the rest of the roof next school year. We are filling out orders for paint, as well as bricks for the bottom. Everyone is excited for the project, and we have several helping hands for "Project Picnic X". My project will hopefully be completed a little after school starts next year. The problem I have run into is the time I have to work on the project; I have several after school activities and only 45 minutes in the Pioneer Youth Leadership class period. I am trying my absolute best in order to complete my project and am looking forward to eating outside next year with other people I enjoy.”

-Kaylie, AdCap Winner, Hubbard School District

We're so proud of Kaylie and all the hard work she's put in to her Project! We also think it's important to recognize that no entrepeneur is an island and that Project CAN take longer than originally anticipated -- and that's completely ok! Keep on moving forward, brave entrepreneurs!

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