This fall, United Healthcare teamed up with GENYOUth to present social entrepreneurship opportunities for local high school students.  We were thrilled to visit Salt Lake City for the very first time, and Pittsburgh for the second time, to meet over 100 brave, curious and bold entrepreneurs!


Congratulations to Saira, Madison and Noa, the first three recipients of the SAP Bill McDermott Scholarship. We asked them to share their thoughts on receiving this scholarship – check out Madison’s blog below!

This scholarship means the world to me. When the Maine Dairy Council representatives walked into the cafeteria with my check, I was totally surprised. The first thing that I thought of was "wow this is a lot amount of money and will help me tremendously when it comes time to go to college." Lately I have been thinking a lot about after high school and what profession I would like to get into and I know that I have at least 6 years after graduation. My goal is to be an anesthesiologist which is 8 years of college and unfortunately means a lot of debt too. The SAP Bill McDermott College Scholarship will help me cover some of those costs so that I don't have to take out as much money in loans.

My involvement with GENYOUth's program has definitely impacted me and what I would like to peruse after high school. Before going to the Fuel Up To Play 60 Student Ambassador Summit in Arlington, Texas in 2014, I had no idea what I wanted to do. After the four days that I spent with amazing student and adult leaders, I knew that I wanted to make a difference. Everyone that I met at the summit changed my life and once I heard some of their stories, I knew that I wanted to do the same. The summit also taught me to reach for the stars, and my Youth Council leader, Tiger, showed me that anything is possible. Tiger started his own foundation as a teenager and he taught me that if you want something bad enough, you are passionate about it, and you work hard, you can achieve anything.

Because of GENYOUth, I learned that I am a natural born leader. Not only did I learn how to strengthen my own leadership skills, but I also learned tools to help my peers find their "inner leader" as well. GENYOUth and Fuel Up to Play 60 also taught me that anything is possible, they helped me gain the confidence to speak out about a controversial topic, or be the voice for someone who may not be as confident in their leadership skills. Most importantly, GENYOUth taught me that I can make a difference in the world. I can help people achieve their goals and motivate them to keep pushing themselves and see their accomplishments and how far they have come and that is SO rewarding.

I have a pretty much step by step plan of what I would like to do after college, I am going to go to school and get a degree in nursing. After I am an RN, I would like to go to grad school and earn my bachelor’s degree in nursing. After that, I would like to specialize in anesthesia, work as a nurse anesthetist for a few years and if everything works out, I would like to go back to school, get my doctorate and become an anesthesiologist.


SAP Bill McDermott Scholarship Winner


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