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Our Challenge Partners are investing in student ideas and empowering young people to help them solve real problems their companies — and our world — are facing. This is one AWESOME opportunity... don't let it slip by!

On October 30, 96 students from around Missouri came together for an innovation day to tackle challenges around increasing access to or participation in USDA meal programs. Teams worked with mentors including representatives from No Kid Hungry Missouri and Midwest Dairy to develop solutions through rapid prototyping and design thinking exercises. They pitched their ideas to a panel of judges at the end of the day - with the chance to walk away with a $1,000 grant to bring their big idea to life.

Check out this photo gallery of the winners, who each received $1000 from No Kid Hungry MO to bring their big ideas to life this school year! 


We all know no entrepreneur is an island – having a team of increases anyone’s likelihood of success! Take Hubbard School in Dallas, TX as an example. This school has produced several AdCap entrepreneurs over the last few years, and we love hearing about all of the great work they’re doing!

In particular, we checked in with two students, Kaylie and Tyler, who received grants at the 2016 SAP Social Innovation Series, teamed up make sure their BIG ideas supported and complemented each other. We love the resourcefulness, collaboration and sense of school community these two entrepreneurs have shown us to date and can’t wait to learn more as they continue working on their projects! Read on to learn more!

Kaylie - "Project X"

The school administration, with Kaylie's agreement, have just recently made the determination that her picnic/outdoor classroom pavilion will be placed in a location near the greenhouse that already has a basic gazebo structure already in place. This will dove-tail nicely with the nature trail/cross country trail that Tyler is working on, as the gazebo is at the start of his nature trail. This would afford students a lunch and classroom setting, along with a waiting area for adults and students during cross country meets. Kaylie is going to finish out the existing gazebo structure and place an octagonal picnic area with built-in benches in the center of the picnic gazebo so that everyone faces each other while eating (which meets her desire for students to build a sense of a family while sitting down for a meal together.) She is going to buy the lumber soon to finish out the gazebo/picnic area/outdoor classroom. Kaylie even received a donation from her church to add to the amount AdCap gave her to purchase even better quality of supplies. The community is getting involved! Kaylie's dad will be assisting with the construction of the picnic area, and she will have a very active part in the construction, also.

Tyler - "Nature Trail"

Tyler has researched the supplies, equipment, and manpower needed for his nature trail/cross-country trail project. He is working with Mrs. Anderson, a fellow Pioneers Leadership class teacher, and participant in your 2015 AdCap Conference in Dallas, along with another two students, Thomas and Faith, who have a water project and outdoor learning center project they are working on. They are also working with Kaylie, as all their projects dovetail as community development projects. He will be purchasing his equipment and supplies for the nature trail prep and completion of the goldfish pond and sitting area within the next week. We will wait until the weather gets warmer to bring the goldfish to the pond. Other students have gotten involved in Tyler's project to help ready the trail. One group of upperclassmen have taken on finishing a pier next to the larger pond on the property along Tyler's nature trail. It will be a community development project in that the community members will be able to enjoy the trails, also, as they are completed.

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