This fall, United Healthcare teamed up with GENYOUth to present social entrepreneurship opportunities for local high school students.  We were thrilled to visit Salt Lake City for the very first time, and Pittsburgh for the second time, to meet over 100 brave, curious and bold entrepreneurs!


When I heard that Governor Wolf was interested in meeting me to hear about my project, I was excited! I’d never been to Harrisburg before, so on April 12th, my mom, sister and I met Governor Wolf in the Capitol.

The Governor asked some questions about my project and SAP’s Teen Innovator Challenge. I was nervous but it felt really neat to get this special invitation! It was also nice to see State Rep. Mike Driscoll again – he visited my school when I won the SAP Teen Innovator Challenge and awarded me a state House citation. We were also joined by Tom from the AdCap Team, and John Stevenson, the Executive Director of US Government Relations at SAP. It’s always cool to meet new people from SAP and to hear about their excitement for my AdCap project!

After meeting with the Governor, I got to go on a tour of the Capitol which made the experience extra special. My favorite room was the Supreme Court Chamber, with all the paintings, and I really loved seeing the Capitol Dome – I learned it’s modeled after the Sistine Chapel! I also got to see some of the events that were taking place at the Capitol that day. Since I won the SAP Teen Innovator Challenge, and came back from my amazing Super Bowl trip, I’ve been really excited to get started on my Community Wellness App. Right now, I’ve already researched what my peers are interested in and what makes sense for implementing at my school. I know I have to think about a design for both an app and computer access so that all students could use the Community Wellness App even if they don’t have a smartphone. I just finished up a meeting today with a web designer to get some feedback and set next steps, and have a meeting scheduled next week with some members of the board of a local hospital health system. I’m looking forward to building this app and am excited about the next stage of this process! Thank you SAP for all your support!

-Ciara, 2015 SAP Teen Innovator, Pennsylvania

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