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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly IS AdVenture Capital?

AdVenture Capital is a program created by GENYOUth to empower students and fund their ideas to improve wellness in their schools and communities, with a particular interest in nutrition and physical activity. We provide students resources, connections, mentorship, guidance, and spaces to think big and create a project that will impact their school community’s health and wellness in the best and biggest ways they can imagine.

Q: How can adult supporters get involved?

While this program is intended to empower students to design their own projects and lead the changes in their school, AdCap knows support from invested adults can be the difference between an idea taking off or one that is stuck on the ground. That’s why we ask educators to take the lead in getting student teams signed up and prepared to think big and later implement their projects.

Q: What does “health and wellness” mean?

Health and wellness is a big category, and there are many creative ways to support this in your school and community. AdCap funds student-led solutions to create healthier school communities – this means ideas related to nutrition, physical activity, or anything else that will make positive attitudinal, academic, or social changes in your students’ school/community. In some cases, partners will ask for ideas regarding a specific topic – we welcome your students’ creativity and perspective when coming up with their project.

Q: How do my students apply for a grant to fund their big idea?

Before your student team can apply for funding, they will need to participate in an AdVenture Capital experience. This includes at least one (1) ideation session and a pitch tank, where they will have the chance to win funding. More information on the journey is available on the How It Works page.

Q: Where do I start?

If you have students who are willing to improve health and wellness at their school or community, head to the homepage to see what opportunities are available to sign up for. Once you do, we will contact you about the next steps and give you all the resources and information you need to prepare your students for their experience. If you or your students are curious about what other student teams have done, head to our [Stories] page. You can also visit the Resources page to find inspiration to help come up with ideas.


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