Guide to Project Design | Overview

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The AdCap Project Designer is your opportunity to create a project that inspires and achieves positive health and wellness changes in your school or community. Using the Designer will help you transform your vision into an actual plan for potential investors and mentors to support. Completing the tiles in the Project Designer will empower you to pioneer your project and succeed! Each tile will help spark your BIG idea to become an inspiring and empowering reality.

Successfully completing the Project Designer tiles will highlight your knowledge of three key elements to any successful project – Knowledge of Self, Project Planning, and Getting Support.

Don't Forget!

Revisit, Review, Revise

You can hop between tiles and change information as your Project Design starts to unfold. There might be a great idea in a specific tile that inspires you to go back and improve others!
Once you complete every tile, you’ll be ready to submit your project for approval. Before you do that, review it to see if there are any changes or improvements that can be made. It might also be a great opportunity to get a parent, teacher or friend to review it with you to see if it makes sense!

Guide to Project Design | Knowledge of Self

The most successful projects often depend on how well the project planner knows themselves. What are your passions, inspirations and expectations? What gives you a feeling of accomplishment? What kind of leader are you? Being able to leverage your strengths will not only help you focus your attention where it is best suited, but also empower you to compliment your skills with supporters that have different skills to offer.

Introduce Yourself
In this tile, you’ll tell us what you’re passionate about and give a quick introduction on who you are. This will help you pinpoint what it is about your project that drives you to make changes happen, and will also help you decide what to share with potential supporters of your project. Learn more
What actual changes will you make happen?
In this tile, you’ll decide where you want to implement your project (i.e. at your school, at another school, in your community) and tell us about what that environment looks like now. You’ll also have a chance to envision what this space looks like once the changes you want to see have happened. Learn more
Who will your project impact?
This is a tile where you can dig in to who will be affected by your project. You’ll also figure out what motivates YOU to make change happen, identify what kind of leader you are, think about how to motivate others to support you and how you want to spread the word about your project. Learn more

Guide to Project Design | Project Planning

Creating a plan that includes key deadlines and expectations will allow you to maintain a powerful focus on your project outcomes that matter most. How will you measure the impact of your plan? What are the expectations for change? What logical steps, activities, and events are needed to move your project towards that picture you paint of the future? Potential investors want to know that they are supporting a vision that can become a reality.

What is your BIG project idea?
This tile is where you’ll fill in your actual BIG idea! You’ll explain what your project is about, put together a quick pitch and come up with a name for your project. Learn more
How will you measure impact?
You’ll use this tile to plan out how you plan to show the difference your project will make. You’ll select what qualifications you use to measure your impact and decide how to collect the information to show off that impact to others! Learn more
Checking In
This tile will help you build your timeline for your project and create checkpoints where you can report impact measures back to the AdCap team! You’ll connect with your Project Hub and learn more about the requirements for check ins. Learn more
Budget Builder
This important tile will help you plan out how much money you’ll need to spend to get your project off the ground. You’ll determine exactly what supplies, equipment, etc. you need and how much each of those things cost to determine a budget for your project. Learn more

Guide to Project Design | Getting Support

Support comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. How will you reach out to get what you need? Collaborating with supporters will put your Project Design in motion and allow more people to contribute toward the success of your project.

Building Support
This tile will ask you to provide contact info for your project location and your school, so that AdCap can reach out and make sure you get the support you need for your project. Learn more
The AdCap Seal of Approval
This tile has great information on different types of support AdCap offers, and explains how you can apply to get an “AdCap Seal of Approval”! You’ll also be offered the chance to submit your Project Design to receive funding, a mentor or the chance to attend an experience and tell AdCap what we can do to support you! Learn more

Building A Team

What is it?

All great leaders have a well-selected team to back them up. They operate with a shared vision and sense of purpose toward success. Building and nurturing an effective team will serve you well as you lean on others to handle tasks and support your projects.

Key Considerations for Building a Team:

  • Know who you are as a leader: The first team member you need to know well is yourself. How do you like to lead? What are the strengths you can share with others? What are areas that others could step in and support?
  • Know your team: What are their individual and collective strengths? How do they work together? What sort of feedback and support empowers them to do their best? Knowing how your team functions can allow you to support their efforts in a positive and productive manner.
  • Assign tasks and collaborative teams thoughtfully: How can you best configure your team to not only manage the defined tasks, but also the particular personalities of your group. Empower your team members by putting them where they’ll do the most positive, productive work.
  • Promote clear roles and responsibilities: Your team will appreciate clear and direct roles and responsibilities. It allows your team to maintain focus and truly understand what success is.
  • Provide right-sized and actionable feedback: Team members want to know if they are meeting your expectations, and want direct assistance if they aren’t. Be proactive, direct, and constructive when giving feedback.
  • Reward and inspire: Your team is with you every step of the way. Their good work is important to you and should be acknowledged. Teams that are valued and respected will go the extra mile.

Why is it important?

Simply put, your team is invaluable. While you are accountable for the success of your project; you can’t be responsible for completing every task. A great team will take on responsibilities and support your efforts.

How can it help inspire you?

There will be times when you need a breakthrough, an Ah-Ha moment, or help. When a team is well-built, they can provide that extra push, that great idea, or the opportunity to celebrate the collective success of your project.