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How It Works

AdVenture Capital funds student-led solutions that help start a movement to create meaningful change and healthier school communities.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Join one of our AdVenture Capital experiences with our partners so your students can learn from subject matter experts, learn valuable skills alongside mentors, and develop a project to lead change in your school community.

The Big Pitch

Students will have the chance to compete for funding using the information they have learned and their BIG idea during a live pitch tank, featuring a panel of esteemed judges.

An Idea Comes to Life

Winning students will submit their big idea via our online form to receive the funding and begin the next steps to implementing their project.

Your AdVenture Capital Guide

1. Sign Up for an Opportunity.
Navigate to our homepage to see the available opportunities. Once you find one that   your students are excited about, register your school group via the link provided. Reminder: your students must be 13 years or older!

2. Prepare Your Student Team.
We will send you emails to the email address you provide at sign-up, so be sure it is correct. In the email we will provide next steps and resources to ensure your students are prepared to have a meaningful experience at our event and help them come up with a big idea!

3. Attend the AdVenture Capital Ideation Session(s).
To qualify for funding and submit a project idea, your student team must attend at least 1 ideation session (but may attend multiple if they are being offered). Have your students complete the prework prior to the session(s) to maximize what they get out of the experience!

4. Prepare the Pitch & Attend the Pitch Tank.
Work with your student team to prepare them to pitch their big idea live to a panel of judges using the resources shared with you in advance. They will have 90 seconds to pitch, and then an additional 60 seconds for feedback and questions from the judges.

5. Hit Submit to Make a Difference in Health and Wellness.
If your student team won (yay!), we will send you an email with a link to write up and submit the big idea they pitched, including the identified challenge, solution, and a general budget.
If your student team DID NOT win, do not fear. Your students will be invited to rework their project with any feedback they have been given by the judges and the AdCap Team. They can submit it for another chance at grant funding.

6. Receive Support from the AdCap Team.
We will send you a link to retrieve the necessary information to proceed with providing your student team with the grant check. Included questions will be your school’s EIN, confirming the mailing address, and the names of the students working on the project. Once we receive this, we will process the check request, and send you the check within 2-4 weeks. If there are any other rewards as part of a grand prize, our team will coordinate details with you at this time.

7. Bring the Idea to Life (& Keep Us Updated).
Your students can begin implementing their project! As part of your student team’s responsibilities, please have them complete the triannual surveys tracking their project progress. Our team will also be available to help them if they have any questions or need assistance along the way!

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