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Project Hydration

Moises realized a lot of students were purchasing sugary drinks since there is a lack of access to clean water on his school’s campus (most of the water fountains are broken or outdated). He came up with the idea to create a Hydration Station that would provide clean water options to the student body, and also cut down on the amount of disposable water bottles being tossed out on campus.​

Moises’ plan involves creating a Youth Advisory Board for the school to maintain open communication and make recommendations to his school administration from a youth perspective. They will also gather data by observing activity at the hydration station so as to maximize the benefits of his project.

Why this is important:

​With a strong academic background, Moises realizes the importance of being able to focus in class. When Moises noticed the amount of students crashing in the afternoon after their sugary-beverage fueled lunches, he knew a difference had to be made.

What Makes moises Unique?

9th Grade, CA

Moises is the President of the Youth Advisory Board at his school. He is also a member of the Youth Commission, and was the recipient of the 2013-2014 Youth of the Year Award. Moises has maintained a 3.5 GPA through his first three years of High School. Moises takes his academics very seriously, and feels that living a healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices will lead to an increase in academic performance.


  • Increase consumption of water and decrease consumption of sugary beverages at his school
  • Decrease the amount of waste on his campus 
  • Increase access to a quick, healthy beverage option for students


  • Creation of Youth Advisory Board gives students a voice that was not available before
  • Location of the Hydration Station will give hundreds of students’ easy access to a healthy beverage option.

Scavenger Hunt Fun Run

​Ashlie observed that too many students at her school were too busy to pay attention to their health. She came up with the idea of a “Scavenger Fun Hunt Run” to kick off a larger education initiative to teach students, teachers and her community about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Why this is important:

​Ashlie understands the impact that exercising can have on your day-to-day tasks. She also realizes that having a healthy breakfast can help you gain the energy to succeed throughout the day.

What Makes ashlie Unique?

11th Grade, CA

As a junior in her school, Ashlie is a representative of the MVROP HOSA Chapter as the chapter’s secretary. She is extremely passionate about helping others in any way she can. In her spare time, Ashlie enjoys baking and playing the piano and ukulele. Her drive to positively influence people makes her stand out from the pack.


  • Increase physical activity in her school and community through the event 
  • Increase consumption of healthy foods by offering a healthy breakfast to each attendee


  • By opening the scavenger hunt to her entire community, attendance at the event will be high 
  • Access to a large group of people gives Ashlie the chance to increase her impact across a large scale

Family Fitness Trail

​Anisha wanted to create an opportunity to make her school a place where the entire community could gather and get physically active, so she came up with her “Family Fitness Trail." She worked with students in her school to design different physical activity stations, and got supplies and labor from local businesses to build a fitness trail that families in her community could use at the school.

Why this is important:

​Anisha recognized the issue of inactivity in her school as well as the surrounding community. She feels that physical activity is vital in the growth and development of children, and many students and families don't value it as much as they should.

What Makes anisha Unique?

8th Grade, NJ

Anisha is an athlete, dancer, and musician. She’s incredibly organized and sets high goals for herself. She stays busy all the time and is motivated to push herself in athletics, academics, and extra-curricular activities.


  • Increase access to equipment that encourages physical activity
  • Spread awareness about the benefits of physical activity in the community
  • Increase physical activity for entire families in the community


  • Entire families can spend time together and get physically active
  • The school is a place for the entire community to gather, not just students
  • Whole community has more awareness of physical activity benefits

Grab N' Go Breakfast

“Grab N' Go Breakfast” is a special kiosk Kaitlyn set up outside her schools’ drop off location to encourage more students in a hurry to grab healthy breakfast options before school. These accessible and portable options mean students can bring their breakfast to class, and the location of the kiosk means they don’t have to go out of their way to get the most important meal of the day.

Why this is important:

​Kaitlyn knew that eating a healthy breakfast is essential for students to succeed, but most of her peers didn’t have time to have this meal before school started. The placement of the kiosk and portability of the food means more students are eating breakfast, which means more students are alert during class and aware of the difference breakfast can make.

What Makes kaitlyn Unique?

11th Grade, IN

Kaitlyn is an avid baker and an award-winning cake decorator. She spends time volunteering at a nonprofit organization that ships supplies to those in need, all around the world. Kaitlyn has extremely high expectations for herself, and her work.


  • Increase breakfast participation at school
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of a healthy breakfast
  • Increase access to quick, healthy breakfast options for students


  • Kiosk location means students can easily grab breakfast off of the bus
  • Using social media means more students can talk about the benefits of breakfast
  • Educators support this project because it can help improve academic performance

Project Positive

​Alex and Saundra attend an all-girls school, and what they noticed most was a lack of positive body image among their peers. In an attempt to educate girls about making healthy food choices and getting physical activity, they came up with the idea for a wellness club focused on improving body image through a healthy lifestyle.

Why this is important:

​Alexandra and Saundra see teen girls judging themselves and others based on their physical features, and have witnessed firsthand the effects that a student’s emotional health and wellness can have on their academics and social lives. The girls want to cultivate an environment full of love and happiness where everyone is transferring positive energy through gestures.

What Makes alex & saundra Unique?

alex & saundra
10th Grade, CA

Alexandra and Saundra are Co-Presidents of their school’s Healthy Living Club. They are both leaders in their schools, and both have a common goal: they strive every day to improve their community and school.


  • Increase awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Increase participation in physical activity
  • Increase emotional health of peers in their school 


  • More friendly interactions in their school 
  • By reducing the amount of negativity in their school, students are able to focus more on their academics and increase their success in the classroom

Family Wellness Night

Robbie was concerned about how many students were bringing unhealthy lunches to school, and decided his entire community needed to learn more about a healthy lifestyle. “Family Wellness Night" is a series of special nights open to his community where families can learn healthy, easy and affordable recipes for meals and can play games to increase physical activity.

Why this is important:

Robbie noticed that the lunches his classmates were bringing to school weren't very healthy, and realized the problem wasn't just educating students, but families as well.

What Makes robbie Unique?

8th Grade, AR

Robbie loves sports and encouraging others to try new things. He struggled with asthma in the past but has worked to live a healthy lifestyle so he can be the best he can be. Robbie’s specialty is motivating people in his community and his classmates at school.


  • Increase community awareness about healthy eating and physical activity
  • Increase access to healthy foods through affordable, easy recipes
  • Increase access to physical activity


  • Entire families are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • More people in the community can make healthy meals
  • Playing physically active games means families are spending time together and increasing health