Get your project stamped with the “AdCap Seal of Approval”. This Seal shows potential supporters that your project has been vetted with top AdCap experts who believe in you and what you can do.

Complete all 9 Steps in the Project Designer and submit your project for feedback and a chance to get the ultimate prize for all AdCap applicants: your very own Seal of Approval.


  • Step-by-step guide to project design
  • Advice from our mentors
  • Information for parents and teachers


AdCap Mentor Program

Get advice and inspiration from the best out there.

Professional Mentors: These top level executives from AdCap’s partners are here to help you build your team, pitch your project and give overall feedback where you need it most.

Inspiration Mentors: These young successful professionals can offer insights on working with businesses, overcoming obstacles and paving the way to your future.

Read more in the Handbook


Get money to help cover the costs associated with your project!

AdCap Funding: Submit your project after completing all tiles of the Project Designer to be considered for a grant from AdVenture Capital.

Learn more about the types of projects that are funded in our FAQs, or the Funding Guidelines

Outside Funding: There are plenty of other ways you can get funding for your project idea. Use the Project Designer to put together a plan and pitch for your idea, then take your plan to local businesses, approach your school administration or research online to find additional ways you could get funding.

Other Funding Ideas

  • Get support from local businesses
  • Work with your school administration
  • Use crowdsource fundraising


AdCap Experiences Image

Get in-person experience with experts on becoming an entrepreneur!

Submit your project after completing all tiles of the Project Designer to be considered for a chance to attend one of AdCap’s workshops, meet with business owners or get advice from top executives like SAP CEO, Bill McDermott, business icon, Warren Buffett and TV Host, Chef and entrepreneur, Carla Hall.