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About AdCap, a program of GENYOUth


AdVenture Capital is a program designed by GENYOUth to empower students and fund their ideas to improve wellness in their schools and communities, with a special focus on nutrition and physical activity. We partner with global leaders in business, technology, and innovation to provide students with the resources and connections, as well as the mentorship and guidance to allow them to think big! Students use this space to create their own projects that reflect their passion to impact their school community’s health and wellness in the greatest ways they can imagine.

About YOUth Council, a Program of GENYOUth

From the White House to the schoolhouse, our dynamic group of student leaders from around the nation represent and elevate GENYOUth’s mission. Founded by students and supported by valued partners, the Youth Council helps build healthier school communities through keen insights and fresh perspectives, and by bringing the voices of our youth to national events/platforms. Once students participate in AdCap, they will have the opportunity to apply to be on the YOUth Council. 


GENYOUth and its partners have a shared purpose: creating healthy school communities by empowering students and providing the resources for youth to build healthy, high-achieving futures.

We elevate student voices and give them the means to lead and solve real-world problems. With the support of our partners, GENYOUth provides school grants, equipment and skill building opportunities for students to improve their health, wellness and workforce readiness. We empower youth to be the agents of social change and impact while helping them unleash innovative solutions.

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Our Partners

A huge thank you to all of our partners who provide mentors, give advice, and are here to support us and all of our brilliant student entrepreneurs!

Presenting Sponsor

Special thanks to SAP, whose mentors and help made this digital platform possible. See the impact this partnership has made!

Support AdCap

AdCap funds and supports student solutions for creating healthier school communities.
Find out how your organization can help cultivate young entrepreneurs.

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