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Project Showcase

While we encourage students to think big, real-world application can be small, Here are some past AdCap-funded projects that students created and implemented in their school communities.

Lunch Level Up

Winter Park High School (FL)

2020 AdCap Challenge


Winter Park High School wanted to educate students in their school about healthy lunches and show tasty and healthy ways to beat food insecurity.


The Lunch Level Up team originally planned to put on a competition inspired by “Top Chef” so students could create a healthy lunch and learn to make food that is nutritious, fun, and delicious. When COVID-19 presented a barrier, the team at Winter Park High School did not let it stop them, transitioning their project to focus on educating students about food insecurity. They successfully distributed 150+ meal kits and recipe cards to their peers and developed a lasting relationship between their school and a local farm.

The SOAR Program

Gilford High School (NH)

SAP Design 4 Good 2021


Gilford High School’s team embraced their role as athletes, not only getting kids back into playing sports to be more active—but helping them to try out new ways to move while having a positive impact on their social and emotional health.


The SOAR program connected high school student athletes with other high school and middle school students, both serving as mentors and encouraging them to get involved with team-building activities like volunteer projects, field days, and physical activities that boost mental health. Once their project was underway, the team collaborated with the New England Dairy Council to provide helpful handouts on physical and mental wellness. The team incorporated mentorship activities that reached 60 students and they will continue to carry this work forward with the school’s athletic director in the years to come.

Jamberry Books: One Book at a Time

Brookings High School (SD)

FCCLA Funding Spring 2021


Only forty percent of low-income families in the Brookings High School community had books in their homes, an issue that became even more urgent when the COVID-19 pandemic limited access to libraries.


In order to meet the growing need for healthy reading habits, this project combined books and recipes for healthy snacking to support reading and health campaigns for first graders in their district. Every student across eight classrooms now has at least one book in their home to read and learn from. Brookings High School’s project has succeeded so well they have been accepted to give a national workshop on their project at the 2023 National FCCLA Conference.

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